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David Nassief’s has a unique way to help dealerships get high converting sales appointments by spending less with a one of a kind 200% guarantee.

David’s dealership services draws from his 30 years experence in the automotive industry and the experiences of salespeople all over the country. David and his team have statistically sampled tens of thousands of salespeople’s inbound and outbound sales calls. With the data from this sampling of countless calls that both worked and didn’t work, certain conclusions and summaries became very clear. What’s interesting is many of the solutions create increases in sales appointments month after month for dealerships that can be measured with an actual ROI.


Why do so many people in the retail automotive industry struggle on the phones?


They get frustrated by using many old school phone techniques that are so ineffective today, but unfortunately are still taught and practiced by too many. The great news there is a much better and easier way…


Question and Answers about what this is about


Question: How is this service any different than all the other programs about sales and phone sales in or out of the automotive industry?


David: The simple secrets we have uncovered can take you or your team to a whole new level of appointment setting success on the phones.


Question: Don’t all the other programs on phone sales claim they can do that?


David: They may, but here’s the situation: Have you ever noticed how some people say they really benefited from a certain sales book or training, but for many others that exact same program was worth little? Some new salespeople will read sales book after sales book and still continue to be frustrated and struggle, trying to make a living in sales. One of the big reasons this happens can be explained in a brief true story.


The story of two salesmen


Years ago, I used to work with two very successful salespeople at a Ford dealership in Ohio. Bob was a former railroad worker. He was fun, outgoing, and always seemed to have his friends and customers laughing. He really just “got by” when it came to product knowledge, but he was amazing at prospecting. Some people referred to him as a rascal who you couldn’t completely trust, but you couldn’t help liking the guy and he had a lot of happy customers. His selling skills made him one of the top salespersons in the area.


Rollan was pleasant yet reserved and would definitely not be considered the life of the party like Bob was. When it came to product knowledge there was no one who knew the product line better than he did. Rollan was someone everyone trusted. They knew he would lose the deal before he would tell even a white lie, and that’s one of the reasons his customers were extremely loyal to him. His selling skills also made him one of the top salespersons in the area.      


So if Bob and Rollan each wrote a book or had a training on how to be successful in car sales, how different and even conflicting would the advice in those two approaches be?


Now if someone with Bob’s personality read Rollan’s book, he may very well say it was worth very little. But if someone with Rollan’s personality read Rollan’s book, he may think he just found the best book on sales ever written.


You can see evidence of this in action when you go to many of the books rating sites that are rated by the actual readers (not the professional critics or jealous disguised competitors trying to sound like actual readers). Some readers give a sales book the highest rating and glowing reviews while other readers give the same book the lowest rating and trash it in their reviews.


The problem with most books on sales in any area (phones, in person, prospecting, closing, etc.) or in any industry is this: Most are written by top salespeople or top sales trainers from their very specific types of experiences. The book is filled with the author’s personal opinions and theories based on what worked for them and their personality, which may be the exact opposite of what works for a specific type of reader.


Question: Doesn’t this program have the same problem?


David: The reason it does not is because most of the selling tips and tools that made it into this program came about in a very different way. Yes, I do have over 30 years of experience in retail automobile sales, sales management, and sales training in the automotive industry. And yes, you will get some ideas from my personal experience working, training, and consulting with thousands of salespeople and many dealership clients across the country.


But the foundations of most of the secrets I will share with you are from a source much stronger than my opinions or theories based on my personal experience in sales. Many are based on statistical evidence, which is very clear about how likely it is to be correct. Much of this sales data has a 90% confidence level with a 5% margin of error. The statistical sampling was taken from hundreds of thousands of calls from dealerships throughout the country.


So in other words, say a Rollan-type sales book might work for 25% of people reading it, and a Bob-type book might work for 31% of the people reading it, and a Mike-type book might work for 9% of the people reading it. Because this is not “exclusively” a “David’s” experience and theories book, its effectiveness rate is very different.


Many of the success tips contained in this program are based on statistical evidence from a very broad range of different people and different parts of the country in different franchises of different sizes. Many of the sales tips in this program have a much higher probability of working with the Rollans AND the Bobs AND the Mikes. Many of the selling tips are derived from data with a high statistical confidence level of success as opposed to just personal opinions from personal experience or anecdotal evidence that is the sole supporting evidence for so many sales books.


Frankly, some of the secrets I’ll share are very similar to how I did it successfully in sales, but others are very different from either how I did it or what I thought was right based on years of personal experience. But once I actually saw the statistical results and listened to the actual sales calls of very different people from across the country, I looked at my approach differently.


But I still was not convinced until I tried the tip myself. It was then that I had to admit that statistical discovery was better than how I used to do it.


And, I need to point out, I didn’t just casually try some of these tips myself. I did a one thousand call test using many of them. I personally tested them out, using six different dealerships’ customer databases calling real prospects. These dealerships included imports and domestics, highline and mainstream franchises.


Question: You obviously have a strong sales background, but how were you able to get your statistical evidence?


David: In college, I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business School of Accountancy. Part of my studies included training in quantitative methods and statistical analysis. After college, I worked in public accounting for a CPA firm as an auditor using statistical sampling. I then worked in private accounting in the corporate world using similar types of tools.


I admit it may not be the typical background for a car guy, but it has helped me immensely in identifying these powerful sales tips in a way that works successfully for a wide range of people, from rookie to veteran salespeople on the phones. I’m not aware of another phone sales training program like this in the automotive industry or in any industry.


I need to warn you that some old school and new school theories and rules in phone sales, ones that many of us have come to accept, may be broken in this program. It’s not that I set out to break some of the old rules and theories, but the statistical results of actual calls proved them to be unsuccessful habits and traditions.


Question: Are you saying there is no value in the other books or programs on phone sales?


David: No. What I am saying is this: Looking at the big picture when identifying best sales tips and practices is definitely a mix of art and science. The challenge with too many books and trainings on sales is they tend to be 99% art (the author’s feelings, personal experiences and theories) and 1% science. In this program it is driven by statistical sampling of salespeople throughout the country not just one guru and his or her students. My goal was to have a more balanced approach regarding the art and science of phone sales, something closer to 50/50. Going from 1% science to 50% can make a huge difference in your appointment setting results, as you will see in this program.


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